Meridian 103 overheating


2010-04-18 10:08 pm

Does anyone have any idea why my Meridian 103 amp is overheating?
I changed 2 820ohm 2 watt resistors as you could see they had got hot from the discoloration on the board & this seems to have stopped it distorting through my ls3/5a's, but even when it is just on & not playing anything it gets really hot & when you play anything it trips out within a few minutes! I also re-capped it when I was in there.
I'm a newbie to electronics, so please be gentle with me ;)
Thanks for any suggestions,



2008-06-17 11:58 pm
I had a pair of 105's that started to run hot, a freind had been badgering me for a while about swapping for his quad 2's which is what i did.
A few whiles later they self distructed and killed his bose 901's (i think).
my utterly humble oppinion is get shot of it and buy something else if u can, i just bought a mint in boxes cyrus2 + psx for £200...... for my bedroom system.


2012-02-27 5:18 pm
i buyed a broken Meridian 101 - 103 Kombination several Month ago. At this time i start to repair the 101 and it wors fine now.
The 103 was totaly damaged, some Transistors, Diodes and Resistors was dissoldered and lost.
But i was able to complete the lost Parts and changed the broken one.
Now it works fine but.... where are the messurepoints for the BIAS-Adjust ?
The Schematics shows "Iq approx 30mA"
The messurement accross the both R22 (Emitter - Collector Resistors of the Powertransistors)
results aprox 0 to 2.7mA ?
So i speculate that´s are the wrong Pionts ?
Any Ideas ?
You're measuring at the right points, but the wrong thing - Ohm's law is your friend. You should be getting about 6.6 mV across one 0R22 or 13.2 mV across both.

If you can't get to these values, something is still amiss and you'd have to check the adjustment range of the Vbe multiplier, and verify that the current limiting transistors and their diodes are OK.