mercedes 300te and ice

ive just got a w124 1991 mercedes 300te.
has anyone fitted any decent stuff into one of theses,if so can anyone share ideas tip equipment for getting a decent soundstage and quality at the front.
ive got a nakcd45,a denon dca800 six channel amp.
at present i have some 5s in the stock dashboard postions.
im impressed with the height of the sound that i get from that postion so am thinking of mounting the mid rangers and tweeters there and play with angerling them to hopefully get a decent image and sound field as im after sq on par with home sounds if thats possible.
the mid bass i was thinking of mounting in the doors,the speaker set that seems promising and fits the bill so far is the jl xr 3way component set,how do people rate these or is there better options avaliable.
i would appriciate any views ideas etc regarding my goal.
many thanks
Did one MANY years ago, customer brought me a japanese car audio magazine and said, "I want that".

"that" was nak head unit (cant remember which)

> Nak ec302 > pa302 > 2x nak sp80's rear shelf.
> pa304 > 2x nak 5's in the dash.
> 2x nak sp10's in the top corner of the windscreen.

We didn't think it would sound any good with the tweeters up that high, we were wrong, sounded awesome..

Hope this helps......
Sorry I'm a bit vague in memory about the exact details, was about 10 years ago now.

I'm even thinking it may have been the full on three way nak set up front (door-bass, dash-mid, screen-tweeter).

Yes, normally mid and tweeter should be close together, which is why we didnt think it would sound any good, but it suprised us and sounded bloody great.

link below is the guy that I worked with to do this job, if you send him an email he MIGHT remember more about it.
was done while he was working for 'Barry thiess car radio'.