Meniscus is closing up shop

From their email to customers:

Hi Speaker Builder,

You are getting this email because you have either purchased from us or registered on our site. A small segment of you had signed up for our email newsletter, but for the buik of you, we've never emailed you.

End of An Era

Just wanted the rest of you to know, that after a long run, we've decided to retire. There were a few offers to purchase the business, but those fell through.

Go here to shop

Last day July 31 - 18 more days.

This past month we've been selling off the inventory and with a few weeks to go, there is still some nice items. Even if you see onesies, you can probably find the mate at our old competitors sites.

We have added to the discount list, our ever popular Twisted Zisters at 35% off at 10 or more.

The Lynk and Sand Cast types are now 50% off any qty
Same deal on Cebo Select Capacitors 50% off any qty

All other parts are now 30% off, except for some items with great buil disounts - like wood screws, port tubes, and terminal cupsto name a few.

Uncovered some nice cabinet items too:

Check the site as we add items that we come accross during tear down.

It is hard to keep inventory correct as we pull for remain kits, but we'll try to get you the values you need.
Still have a lot of cabinet type items. If you are within driving distance, we have a room full of test cabinets at great prices. they are too hard to package and ship. Call first and we can make arrangements for off-hours viewing. 616-953-8471

All sales will be final, but we will honor any defective parts. We will continue to support our past products as well, either by phone or email.

Best Regards,
Mark & Chad
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I just found out about this a couple of days ago. I am saddened,

Now, the most important question: are the great designs by Jeff Bagby, Carmody, Holtz and Campbell, "wolf", Javad Shadzi, etc going to be available somewhere else?

I was just about to order a pair of Bagby's "Auricle" kits to replace my already great, "Kairos" speakers.
I'm super bummed to see this. I've been slowly working on a pair of Kairos cabinets over the past 6 months as a way to learn some more woodworking and end up with a great pair of speakers. I was finally ready to order the expensive stuff and went back to find they'd retired. Does anybody know if the plans are available for sale anywhere yet?