Memphis belle 1300 repair help


2016-04-24 3:19 pm
looking for some info on a Memphis belle 16-mch1300. Amp turns on with no protection light but has zero output. So there is a missing part and what looks to be a "piggy back"component that just don't seem right.. I would love to know what the missing component is for sure and if the piggyback fix looks right.
The photos I have are of a different version so I can't help there. If no one can give you a definitive answer, find the corresponding transistor in one of the other channels and see if there is a capacitor of the same value (as the piggybacked cap) connected to it (in the board, not piggybacked). It could be that a cap failed and someone soldered another without removing the main board or it could be that there was an error in the board layout.