Memphis 16-ST1000D

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This amp has had quite the power supply blowout. The driver transistors (Q15 and Q16) on the power supply driver card were burnt beyond recognition. Does anyone happen to know what these transistors are or maybe an upgrade/sub for them? Are there any other components on the driver card I should be concerned about? Power supply fets and gate resistors will be replaced with IRF3205’s and 22 ohm gates respectively.
While awaiting a response I tried one fet and gate resistor in each bank and it did not start up. Im not sure if I have the caps on hand to try one at each fet location. Do you think it is advisable to try loading something like irfz44n’s into the amp to see if it will start up? I have those in loads but not enough 3205’s at the moment
I did not see any waveforms on the gate pads of the power supply fets I put in each bank. There was voltage on various pins of the 494 but I am not familiar enough with it’s operation to know what voltage/signal I should be seeing in each pin other than VCC and GND. Shall I start with posting voltages on each of the pins of the tl494?
I was not able to see any waveforms on pin 5 or drive pulses on pins 9 and 10.

Here are the DC Voltages of the TL494CN

1. 0 volts
2. 4.86 volts
3. 0.04 volts
4. 1.02 volts
5. 0 volts
6. 3.54 volts
7. 0 volts
8. 13.93 volts
9. 0 volts
10. 0 volts
11. 13.93 volts
12. 13.93 volts
13. 4.86 volts
14. 4.86 volts
15. 4.86 volts
16. 0 volts
The IC may be defective. There is one other possibility. On some amps, there is a transistor that synchronizes the output and power supply oscillators. Check your board. If there is a transistor with one leg on pin 5 and another connected to pin 7, remove it. The base leg would be driven from the sync terminal of the audio PWM board.
I found the transistor. Not really sure how I missed it the first time. It was literally the first one I checked. With the transistor removed pin 5 now has a sawtooth waveform on it but still no output on pins 9 or 10. Is the transistor itself the issue or indicative of a larger issue?
Found the transistor and pulled it. No change other than now pin 4 is at 13.67 volts. Still have my sawtooth waveform on pin 5 and no output on pins 9 and 10. I should also note that prior to removing the transistor between pins 5 and 7 I also swapped out the TL494 for a new one.
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