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Meitner pre-amp

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Instead of leaving you waiting for an answer..the consensus..in a office full of (three) people who either sold the unit while in retail, or both owned it we all liked it.

Worth buying, If Ed offered or offers an upgrade for it, and the price is below about $600, It might be worth purchasing. we all like the original Meitner pre. The upgrade is an unknown. The word is, around here, that Ed was bought out by his distributor. If the upgrade was designed and executed by Ed, then it might be good thing. at this point, it is an unknown. We don't know who engineered the upgrade.
Fred Petersen said:
Has anyone heard the Museatex Mod for this
Pre-amp & can tell me how it sounds? Or are there mods out there which are superior?

The mods are done by John Wright, who was the Museatex service manager and owns what's left of the brand. Here's his website: http://www.museatex.com/index.html

These are factory authorized modifications and I'm quite certain that no third party can perform the included circuit alterations. After the Plus modification, the PA6i becomes more detailed and smoother, with deeper and tighter bass.

I own a PA6i and three Meitner power amps. All have been upgraded to Plus status by John Wright. Meitner electronics are very good to begin with, and excellent after modification. The price for the upgrade is a steal, because you end up with what is virtually a new amp. I would think about $600 for the pre would be reasonable, and IIRC I think the mods are about $450.

PS check my Avatar :)

PPS I have no connection of any sort to Wright or Museatex. Just an extremely satisfied customer.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.