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Hi Diy i am new to this site so a little info about my self .
Hifioholic for 26 years , since my first NIKKO AMP and a set of Dali 2 speakers and a Rega planar turntable ,over the years it almost became an illness ending up with ML No. 332 and a No.39 running on Mirage M1 with 4000$ of different wirering... My current setup is a mix of old and new Infinity Rs4B a TC.ELECTRONIC BMC-2 Dac and a Zappulse x800E PWM ampifier and Pc as source, running Tidal most of the time. Now i become older ,wiser and chaseing value for money instead and full of ideas..
I am new on site and total newbee in DIY but i know what i want but i am not sure the best way to do it but maybe i have come to the right place ..�� seems like it

Like headline describes i would line to build a all in one box ,something like this i have in mind as follows .
Mini Itx board running win10
Asynchronous USB to I2S
ES9018 Sabre 32 2-CH board
Zappulse 800
Plan is ending up with one box with a power button on the front and 2xusb 3.0 2xHdmi 1xSpdif in 1xRJ45 speaker terminals and power on the back
Things that confuses me : the best way to make the powersupply and how to make the best remote controllede volume for system ,read about this DIY guy have made som bit exact controller for Windows so it should be possible to do in win 10 without loss...?
Hope a kind heartet soul can get med to next step
Keep up the good work
Best regards Lars
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Very interesting.
I'm certainly interested in such a solution as well.
My current plan is to build something like:

NAS - GB LAN - Odroid C2 - XMOS DSD (sound) - i2c (volume / filter) - AK4490EQ DAC - Hypex NC400 or UcD180, in a Hifi2000 enclosure with only GB LAN & AC in and speaker out.

Thing I need to decide / work out / have solved first:
- which OS (Moode/Volumio/Squeezelite/...
- how to enable bitperfect volume control and filter control properly
- I need to make a 12V trigger to start up the power amps

My assumption was that these kind of concepts had already been worked out more, but I couldn't find much information, yet.

W.r.t. your XMOS question: it might be a better idea to use a DAC-chip capable of PCM->DSD conversion, if I understood it correctly. See
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