Measuring pitch / header size


I’m completely new to diy audio so I may have entirely the wrong approach here...

I’d like to attach a 3 pin screw header to a DAC board (to connect a PSU to it) but I’m not sure what size of header to buy. My understanding is that the size is measured as the Pitch distance, which is the distance between the centre of the holes. I tried to measure this (see attached) but to my eyes, it’s still not clear.

My measuring technique is obviously not the best here, but i thought it would be close enough to determine what Pitch of header I need. The most common size of screw terminal seems to be 5mm, but mine clearly isn’t it?

Are there common Pitch sizes and can you tell from the attached photo what size of header I need for these 3 pins?

Many thanks


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Thanks all, I'll go with 0.156 inch

This is indeed an ESS DAC, bought it from ebay seller based in China, so it's odd that it uses non-metric, but that does seem to be the case.

Not odd really, 5mm is massively large, 2.5mm is too fiddly and awkward and most electrical screwdrivers are too large for them. 3.5 to 4mm is about right for low current terminal headers.


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
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0.156(25) is an old-old standard for US-market screw terminals. It is 5/32", one of several sizes for small to large wires/lugs.

It happens to be pretty-near 4mm and that's surely what you want today.


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