Measuring drivers - RMAA


2007-12-05 10:39 am
I just read the RMAA User's Guide. I’d got the wrong impression from some posts, thinking it could help measure drivers . . but it’s intended for testing the quality of analogue and digital sound sections of audio equipment.

So scratch RMAA, also ARTA doesn’t measure drivers (FR and impedance) to use for more accurate XO simulation . .

With steep learning curves it might take a while to evaluate them both, so (though one’s for a specific purpose & free, and the other a Swiss army knife) which of SW and SE has the less steep learning curve?



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-04-03 7:15 pm
Rotherham, England
They are both complex packages, but both will do what you want. I upgraded to SE because SW just didn't work properly on the new motherboard/soundcard combo I installed in my desktop PC, no matter what I did.

Which one is easier - I think that depends on the way your head works and the way you approach problems. There is support out there for both packages, John K's SE guide and Jay's SW manual that both will get you up and measuring with just a little fuss. Either way, you will be learning skills in driver testing that will be fully transferable.

So conclusions, if you want support and intend to go a long way in speaker development, then buy SE. If you just want a package that will help you design a pair of speakers every couple of years, then SW will do that perfectly adequately and is free. ;)