Measurement on the cheap


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2005-06-12 5:44 am
I've read through the threads about speaker measuring and am thinking about the Behringer mic and preamp which will run me about $100, which is all I really wanted to spend. Before I pull the trigger I wanted to get some input on what you would recommend I get for speaker measurement. This will be used primarily for measuring my new ported line arrays, and well as the next pair of line arrays I'll be building, which will be open baffle. I would also like to measure my infinite baffle subwoofer once I get moved into my new house and get that project finished. Lastly, I have a Behringer DCX2496, if that's relevant.

If there's some killer software you guys can recommend that won't break my bank I might stretch my budget a little bit. I remember reading about a nice, free measurement software piece on the FRD so if you feel that will work well let me know. I have a laptop I could use that would make measuring easier, but if you feel getting a soundcard and bringing my PC downstairs will be worth it I have no problem doing that. If someone has some older software they want to sell, that works, too :)

Basically, give me all you got!



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
Speaker Workshop is the popular deal these days for software. I've used it and it works. A good soundcard is worth its weight in gold. I'm using the relatively inexpensive Audigy 2zs.

The single best investment you can make is d'Appolito's book on testing loudspeakers. Otherwise, you can end up spending a LOT of time scratching your head over data that's nonsense.