Meassuring speaker data


2010-09-27 3:57 pm

for school me and a couple of friends are doing a project, in this project we are going to design our own loudspeakers. This saturday we're going to meassure the qualities of the speaker. We are getting some help with the project but ofcourse, we are supposed to do the work and the mentor is just supposed to give us tips and hits. Thats why we're supposed to find out what we should meassure saturday.
I've been looking for information regarding this subject, but I'm unsure if I got all the right meassuringdata required in this case. We're building a full-range loudspeaker, consistant of a tweeter, midrange speaker and a woofer.
So far I've found that we should meassure;
Q the elecrical, mechanical and total Q of the speaker, but in this case I thought the manufacurer of the speaker reveals these statistics of the loudspeaker.
The resonance of the speaker, since it reveals the area the speaker best works in.
The inductance, this also reveals the area the speaker can work in since it tells the volume loss in db/octave.

This was basically what I could find from internet and the books I've found about loudspeakers.
If you could give me some feedback about weather these data matter and if I missed anything I would be very gratefull.

Thank you in advance,

Jurriaan Drent

P.S. sorry if I made some grammar or vocabulairy mistakes, I'm Dutch so I don't know all English therms