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Meanwell 12V and 24V power supplies SMPS

More stuff from our engineering lab:

These have been used for medical device prototyping.

One Meanwell S-240-12 power supply 100V-240V (universal) input, 12V @ 18A output. Just tested, works fine, no issues. Has a temp controlled fan that comes on when needed. Also includes a nice 9' grey medical grade power cord.

$30+Shipping to USA addresses. These sell new at Jameco for $75.

S-240-12: MEAN WELL: Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Two Meanwell S-150-24 power supplies, 100V-240V (universal) input, 24V @ 6.5A output. Just tested, both work fine, some minor oxidation on the cases from sitting in the warehouse. These also each have a solid state relay stuck on them with double sided sticky tape, as well as a handy on/off toggle switch & power cord.

$16/ea. + shipping to USA addresses. These sell new at Jameco for $35/ea, not including the free bonus relay ;)

S-150-24: MEAN WELL: Power Supplies & Wall Adapters


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