MCM 55-4636

Here is another full range candidate. MCM 55-4636. No TS given just 50Hz to 20Khz. Fs 65 Hz 50 Watts. Looks like a metal whizzer. Any one tried it as yet?


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2013-02-12 12:21 pm
I was going to do a new thread, but found this one...I came across this full range driver on MCM's website and asked them for specs, their tech team sent them (attached). It seems like they break up a lot after 4 kHz, and a dip in the 1.7 kHz range. Would it be better just to use them in a 2-Way configuration with a tweeter crossedover at approx. 3 kHz or 3.2 kHz? I was planning on using them for a digital sources (PC mostly) TL speaker for my niece.


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