MCM 55-2963 15" Woofer - True QTS?

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I was curious if anyone has used the MCM 55-2963 Woofer?

MCM Audio Select 15'' Die Cast Woofer with Paper Cone and Cloth Surround - 200W RMS 8ohm | 55-2963 (552963) | MCM Audio Select

I am interested in whether or not the QTS is as spec'd. My hopes is that the QTS is rather high when actually measured, as has been reported with other MCM drivers. Unfortunately I am north of the 49th, so cannot simply order one for convenience and testing and wondered if anyone else may have done the same in the past and had results to share. Thanks in advance.
This is a Chinese driver and sold under different brands in different countries.
In UK, they are distributed by SoundLab.
I have ordered a pair a few years back, but returned them in exchange for Faital 18s.
Build quality is very good.
Looking at the size of the magnet, I wouldn't doubt the Qts so much.
The spec that is harder to believe is Fs of 32.
Wells it's going to be measured somewhere around 3k isn't it, not down where it's wanted and needed and at 100 it looked more like 84dB

That's how almost all woofers look unless they are a very long throw design. This measurement is a raw driver (no cabinet) mounted in an anechoic chamber, or at the very least , a raw driver mounted to a large open baffle in free air.

Most manufacturers measure SPL @ 1khz. Obviously this can be a misleading figure.

My concern with most cheap drivers is that the stats provided have little basis in reality, and bear no resemblance to the actual product.

I have some Pyle PPA-18's. They are spec'd at having a QTS of 0.34, but when measured on my WT# they were QTS 1.33. Maybe Pyle just had a misprint and forget to put that "1" in front of the .34???? LOL

The Qts of these drivers is very high and highly variable due to a 2 piece pressed together hollow T pole assembly and questionable steel and magnet material consistency. The stock surround excursion capacity in 6 out of 8 units had at Least half of their "linear" excursion capacity eaten up at rest by a severe offset between the cone edge and basket level. The centering of the surround gluing was bad, and there was also noticeable cone edge warp. To actually get 7mm Xmax out of these the surround will have to be replaced and then the wild motor performance will be a horror to deal with if multiple drivers are used together. The physical cone distortion means that near pistonic performance at any frequency is unlikely. These things were put together by the summer school trainees. Overall, you're far better off starting with PE Dayton pro steel basket 15 if you're looking for an economy deal in this type of driver.
I used a quad in an old 9cuft ported box(old jbl boxes tuned to38hz) a friend wanted me to make him an old school reggae system as he has a vintage store and wanted to sell old vinyl and 45s
While I did not measure they seemed to be around 38 fs and about 94db it took me a while to re figure the crossover based on the original spec,so that is off, I crossed them at 500 hz ,I had to pad the horn about 10 db to get it to sound right,the build quality is better than expected and for a speaker that would only play at low volume it's ok and it looks good,it sounds great with some vintage Mac receiver
I think not a pro woofer but a nice party woofer


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