Mcintosh C200 service manual : why it is so hard to get it from Mcintosh ?


I need to repair my C200 preamp and then ask on Mcintosh website a service manual for it.
They answer me: You can order a service manual as a spare part from our distributor: EUROPE AUDIO DIFFUSION, AVALLON, FRANCE

So i have contacted EUROPE AUDIO DIFFUSION in France, and they answer me they can't provide any service manual to consumers... return your unit to our service center (i don't want to, they ask 150 euros just for a fuse replacement...)

I ask again to Mcintosh and no answer... so what to do... i need this service manual to check DC voltage and data communication between controller and audio unit and i can't go ahead...

Anybody could provide the C200 Service Manual ? It's just a few bytes pdf file... Or any ideas where i could find it