I have MiniDSP 2x4 HD and I use it at crossover for my active loudspeaker. But this nice box is limited to 2-way so I use passive crossover between mid and high.
My idea is to use J.River as crossover. parametric equalizer inside of J.River can be easy adjusted to work as crossover.
In that case on PC, USB output I will get separate 8ch. Enough for 4-way.
Idea is to use MCHSTREAMER (MiniDSP).
MCHStreamer - USB Audio Swiss-Army knife - Multichannel PCM/DSD/PDM/ADAT/TDM/SPDIF interface

With this I will get 8x I2s outputs. With I2s I can connect any DAC with I2S input, something like this:

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Anyone used MCHSTREAMER in such configuration?