MCD-255 advice needed!

After reading a thread in 2010 about MCD-255 class-D amp I got curious. In April 2011 I received 4pcs from China.

Unfortunately only one survived me measuring upon them. The three others just instantly (ns?) burnt :dead:... Fet's measure Zero ohms in all directions.

Due to an accident I had to let it be until today. When I now look at the boards Fet and gate drivers I find the marking been brutely grinded off from the plastic.

The vendor has not been answering since I sent pictures on ringing outputs. See attach1. The vendor is no longer member of the forum.

Can someone out there advice me how to do to rescue my amps :confused:? My goal is to have them placed under my cover, attach2.


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Tekko you are quite right. I just got an answer and DYI products is no more a part of his business. Never the less I am told I will get support to solve my issue.

How lucky I am being a part of this great forum! The previous picture was a design with 4 class D amps, Xo and PS for the drivers in attached picture. Including a remote controlled laser and speaker top module for sweet spot alignment.

Sounds good and perhaps better with the MCD in place! I'll keep the forum informed.


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