MC pre-amplifier design


2010-05-27 12:25 pm
Good day everyone!

I want to build a phono input stage for my new amplifier project. ESP's design for the RIAA circuit seems like a good balance between quality and complexity.

I would like to add a pre-amplifier for a moving coil head to the system. Which design would you recommend that will match the ESP RIAA design in the balance between sound quality and build complexity?


ESP's design for the RIAA circuit...
Which one do You mean? the 06?
The afore mentioned Calvin/PlatINA/RP1 (naming order after historic appearance) is a highly flexible RIAA-Phono able to accommodate almost all pickups on the market, MCs as well as MMs.
You wouldn´t need a dedicated MC-PrePre or StepUp-tranny ahead of a MM-RIAA-Phono with this Preamp.
It´s easy to build as there is nothing to trim or tune and the parts are pretty common and easy to source.
Depending on the variant it offers the choice (by jumpers or switch) for balanced and/or SE input, RIAA and/or Neumann, Subsonic and/or RIAA1963 and SE and/or balanced output.
Of course loading impedances and gain are variable too.
With regard to flexibility and easy build this Phono-Pre is quite unique.
There are several PCB Layouts to find, also single-sided ones (RP1), so You could even etch Your own PCB easily.
You´ll find only positive comments on the performance of this Preamp.
Combine it with a decent simple power supply (LM317/337 fully suffices), nothing fancy required here at all, and put it in a nice casing and You´ll be happy for quite a long time ;)