mb quart ONX4.60

What smoked?

When testing, you should have a low-rated fuse (10 amp or so) in the B+ line or have an inline B+ limiter. It won't save the amp from all mistakes but it reduces the risk in case of one.

After the amp is powered up, you have to either monitor the temperature of all of the heatsink mounted components closely or have them clamped tightly to the heatsink.
I have the Z44N here so let me replace these and start over Q3 was fractured but I did this before there had been no sign or essence of tghe smoke anywhere the board was immaculate.Amplifier was certainly not abused. Just started acting intermittent then finally no power. But the fuses never blew and even on the bench no power :eek:
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I think from your guide they should be safe. I've installed them already. LOL okay.