Maya R2R connection advice


2013-10-16 4:18 pm
Hi Guys
Need help. Bought a ready build Maya.
Received Maya build with cable & connectors connected to pcb
There's a little confusion as to where to connect the transformer
output too as there's no indication on the relay board.
Also need to confirm if orientation of the connectors are correct.
Reason that Im asking this is that one can flip the connectors &
still plug it onto the pcb. Don't want to risk killing Maya so would
appreciate some advice. Vicol's webpage has no info on this either.
Wrote to Vicol but no answer as yet. On the relay board there's a
Connection for Ac input & to transfomer pad, what about output
of transformer ? The only other pad that I see indicates Softstart,
Is this where the ouput from transformer is connected too to power
up Maya ?

Many thanks