Maxwell Supercapacitors instead of 5V linear power supply


2010-11-18 7:21 pm

I'd like to experiment with a pair of 2.7V (5.4V) Maxwell supercapacitors to replace expensive audio linear power supplies, like the CiAudio 5V for the squeezebox, or powering a Hifiberry Dac+ Pro. (a linear power supply really improves the sound of this)

Here are the caps:

Maxwell Technologies D Cell Series Ultracapacitors Board Mounted Cells

1. To start I'd like to be able to charge it from standard 5V usb switching power supplies, is there a simple module to use or some regulator part?

2. Output very clean 5V DC, is there a module or regulator part for that?

Just trying to avoid reinventing the wheel, maybe someone has done this already?

Once up and running, I plan on expanding on the idea, auto-charging when it starts to get low, using a relay to disconnect the charge, etc.

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The caps will pull a hefty current at startup, so you need to limit the current. SMPSs dont like normal large caps. I once had a meanwell 10A smps go into protection with just a 4700uf cap. Once you limit the current (to less than what your smps can provide), that will slow down the charging process and it will probably take significant time to reach the final voltage.