Maximum low-level line length?

Hi. I have an EMU 1820m box connected to my 'audio PC' and I would need to run 12-16 foot cables from that box to my power amplifiers. Even using excellent quality low-level carrying cable, would a deterioration of the sound be noticeable?

My other option is to move the power amplifiers much closer to where I have the PC and all other input device control.

Any thoughts on this?

I'm assuming that long speaker cables (of proper AWG too) are not a problem (I've done that before). But, I worry about long low-level cables losing their more delicate signal.

Generally not a problem with decent well-shielded cables.

The most common issue is a ground loop that can occur if there's a potential difference on the grounds of the source device and amplifier, this occurs especially when they are connected on different circuits. That's were balanced lines come in, balanced lines are not as sensitive to ground loops.

However for 12-16 feet in a home situation I don't think you'll run into any issues.