Maximising the quality of your projected image.

Hey all,
Just for those newbies out there, or whoever can use it, I came across this website and thought it may be of some use in achieving the best possible image with your projector (or tv for that matter).
Maybe there are more technical ways of getting the best possible image that isn't there, so any additions are welcome.

The article is at

This'd be great when taking a photo of your final image to display.

Hope this helps some.
Thats a vey nice "how to"! Good reference for the newbe and experienced user alike. I must have a good eye, cause most stuff was down to low end of settings already on my set. Except the contrast which I think is a per person setting. Some want the added artificial contrast others dont. One things for sure the contrast will be dif. on every set making it hard to give a setting for. Lowest isnt always the best. Other than that I totally agree with the article. Nice find Morien!