Max grid values


2014-05-14 3:39 am
I'm not sure how to phrase this.

Is there a limit to the size of the signal that the grid can handle?

I had an idea to replace two 12ax7 gain stages with three 12au7 gain stages.

I figured 100x100 equals 10,000
20x20x20= 8,000

Which is about what I want - I think - but I'm not sure.

I'm trying to clean up a 5f1 circuit but I don't want to make it wimpy. I have an extra triode available (another story) and it seems like a good theory. But when the signal hits the tone stack it will be 20x20=400x, as opposed to the 100x of the typical Fender circuit. I'm afraid that hitting the grid of the last triodes with a big signal will create distortion.

If I had to guess - I'd guess that the B+ value has something to do with this?