Matchless Spitfire OT Impedence


I’m currently in the process of doing a Matchless Spitfire build. My concern is regarding the primary impedance of the OT. I’ve read through as many of the threads I could find on the subject but don’t thing I found a definitive answer.

I’ve read several times that part of the “Spitfire” sound is the 4k primary impedance of the OT that Matchless uses rather than the typical 8k for a pair of EL84’s. So I purchased a Hammond 1615A with a 5k primary and 4, 8, & 16R secondaries. According to other threads, this OT has been used by a few people for a Spitfire before.

My question is, do I use the 8R tap with an 8R cab? Or do I need to use the 4R tap with an 8R cab to have 10k on the primary? Not sure how Matchless might have had this setup.

Any help would be appreciated.

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