Matching B&W802D

Matching B&W802D

Hi all

I've just finished auditioning the X250.5 and X350.5 models for review purposes. Delighted with the results I tend to switch to Pass Labs amps in my private setup.

As the X350.5 has "more" class A operation and thereforesounded more "delicate" I'm not sure to choose the X.5 or XA-series.

I tend to lean towards the XA-series (XA100.5 of XA160.5), but this statement is based on what I've read on the internet and not by auditioning such an amp...

What about the X600.5...with even more class A operation and power?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

My speakers are B&W 802D.

Hi Nelson

Nice hearing from you again. We spoke on the phone for about 1.5 hours a little while ago...

Well, here it is: I'm very interested in the XA-series, but it's only logic that I want to audition them first. I can only imagine...

About "playing loud": my livingroom is 30m2: 7.5mx4m.
With some classical (full orchestral) pieces I've measured peaks of 100-105db, but that is really exeptional. Normally the B&W's produce aroud 75-85dB.

I think we can calculate the number of watts required to produce this level. Can you give me a hint here?

I've phoned around a little and there is a change that one dealer in Brussel has the XA160 mono's. Are they worth auditioning...considering the larger power output of the XA.5-series?
Hello Mr. Pass

Things have changed dramaticly, here in "mi casa". My B&W802D has left the building for bigger brother 800D:smash:

As you advised I tried the XA100.5 on those speakers. I found the amps to have not enough power, there was no match to my ears. In general the sound became to bloomy.

We all should have known better??? The (still) very powerhungry B&W's came very much alive, powered by a pair of X600.5! This was really the best combination I have ever heard, period.

I still have one final question for you (if you'd be so kind to take the time): can you discribe the difference in performance between the X600.5 and the X1000.5?

Many thanks!

Marco Lisi