Matched IRFP240 and IRF9610 Order

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Hello All,

I am looking at matching sets of IRFP240's and IRF9610's. The number of IRFP240's beeing order is 200 (hopefully matching within 0.02v) and 75 IRF9610 (hopefully matched within 0.005v).

Before I go ahead with this large order of fets, who else would be interested in purchasing a set. The set will include:

4 * 6 matched IRFP240's
3 * pairs of IRF9610's

$100 US plus shipping.

I will also be selling matched sets for custom orders if I can't get seven customers, so if anyone else is interested in a smaller quantity please email. The matching will ocurr over a few weekends during July and be sent out by the beginning of August.

If anyone is interested or has any queries please email.

Brent Acworth
I'm glad that you have indicated where you live in your profile.

I won't be needing those matched transistors in the near future but I was wondering about the shipping charge if someone from the States wants them. Any idea? Or your intention is to sell them in Australia only?
1st post
I live in Brisbane, shipping would be minimal (<$10US) to America.

2nd post
I havn't yet ordered any of the fets. I am certainly interested as reponse to this post (and emails) is relatively poor. Well considering the quantity being ordered. I only need 24qty of IRF240 for myself. Do you have any IRF9610's ?? Contact via email. What price are you charging?

Brent Acworth

I'll send you an email tomorrow night, for the moment, i've got to concentrate on university but the long weekend is fast approaching :D yippee.... We wont be selling any 9610's but we'd be happy to cater for your irfp240 needs ... i am matching to within 0.01v because i'll have so many devices and i'll have plenty of time to do the matching during university holidays which are only a couple of weeks away. I also plan to do all matching in a temperature controlled environment. Given the requirement of 24 devices, I assume you are planning to build an aleph 4 so 4 sets of 6 devices will be required. As for shipping outside australia, costs quickly add up ... have a look at the constraints that Rod Elliot places on selling his pcb's across the world it will at least give you an idea of what is and is not practical ... We'll probably only be selling within Australia for said reasons, also, it makes it easier if returns need to happen. I'll talk more regarding costing in the email I send tomorrow.


ps. Anyone in Australia interested in buying matched irfp240's can email me at
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.