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matched Fets for your F1, F4, F5, Aleph J...

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Winter arrived and what heats more lovely than a fet-amp? ;)

Again I can offer matched fets for your building needs, that is:


Pairs/triples are matched within 10mV, though usually tolerance is quite below that. All fets of each type are from the same lot.

Currently I also have some N-to-P matched fets, please mail me if you want such a thing. Of course if you need other quantities also simply shoot me an email.

Price is 6.5 Euro per matched pair and 9.80 Euros for a matched triple.

Have fun, Hannes
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Just to avoid further misunderstandings: I'm sorry but I cannot carry the paypal-fees.

I offer paypal as additional service, there are others like bank transfer or moneybookers, I even accept cash in a letter, so please understand that corresponding fees are not included in parts price.

Thank you.
Dear Janko,

it's really nice to hear from you again - it's been a long time and a lot changed on my side.

Funny that you mention tubes, you know I'm not a bottlehead, however, I just recently discovered a nice line-level/headamp tube amp, so that might change a bit ;)

I hope you and your family are well, alles Gute, viel Gesundheit fürs neue Jahr!
Hi Regi,

I guess you mean wether I can offer IRFP240 that are matched to the IRFP9240?

Well, yes and no. I can offer at the moment N to P matched fets that are reasonably close (200mV), however, N-fets are technically different from P-fets (different transconductance, different mobility), so genuine matching is not really feasible.

Have fun, Hannes
Some fets searching for a hot home, don't worry these are not by far all of them ;)


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.