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Massive collection of electrolitic caps - Donation to DiyAudio.

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I have a box full of electrolitic caps most of which are audio grade to some extent and some high quality parts - the list is below. They were going in the skip at work because they are not Rohs compliant (How geen is that).

Most are at least 3 years old and some are much older, but they are all unused parts. There is about 700 parts, each one must be worth at least £1 at retail and some much more.

Since they cost me nothing, I don't plan to make any money out of them, just the postage cost. I will donate all the money raised over the postage cost to DIY AUDIO to help with the cost of running the site.

I really don't want to split them as it would generate alot of work for me. So roll up and get yourself a collection. Or buy the lot and sell them on.

Since I don't know what they are worth I propose to do this as an auction to the highest bidder. If the moderators are unhappy with this let me know. Or just put your suggestion in this thread.

If no one is interested the I guess it is too the skip with them (I have too much stuff already)

List of parts.

4700uF 10v ZL Rubicon ~30
100uF 35V ZL Rubicon ~80
2200uF 50V YK Rubicon 12
3300uF 63V USR Rubicon 4
10uF 16V Silmic II Elna 10
100uF 400V HC Samwha 8
3300uF 63V HC Samwha 6
10000uF 25V WB Samwha 46
180uF 20V SP OSCON SANYO 100
100uF 400V CD293 Jianghai 10
10000uF 50V USR Rubicon 6
4700uF 25V WB Samwha ~50
3300uF 35V SD Samwha 10
1000uF 100V SD Samwha 2
47uF 100V SD Samwha 6
1000uF 35V CD282 Jianghai 10
1000uF 35V WL Samwha 10
22uF 20V SP OSCON SANYO ~90 (These are very old and the leads will need cleaning before use)
100uF 20V SP OSCON SANYO ~130 (Old as above)
100uF 16V YK Rubicon ~30

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Hi Andrew,

This is a very generous offer for the community and DIYA. So thanks all round for that.

Just a couple of suggestions:

Since you've elected to let them go to the highest bidder, you might want to set a closing date/time.

Could I ask anyone interested to keep offers in thread please so as to be transparent to all and avoid possible confusion.

Unless people feel I should give more time, shall we say Sunday the 10th Febuary as the closing date. I will see who the highest bidder is on Monday morning and work out what the postage will be.

I suggest the donation is made direct to DIY Audio that way we won't end up paying two sets of Paypal fees.

The postage cost should be sent to me via paypal as well.

Once I have it confirmed by the moderators that the money has been received I will post the caps out.

Just to be clear I had anticipated the price to be + postage.

i.e donation to DIYA + postage.

Otherwise it could end up with not much going to DIYA if someone from along way away wants them.

The box is quite heavy probably about 5K so it will not be an insignificant cost to post.

I do not like to see them go to the skip. I am willing to contribute £90 on the condition that I do not need to collect them in person until early March. It will save you doing the mailing. At the moment I am in Spain. I live in Cambridge, UK. I have a paypal account, but I can also send you the funds some other way, or donate directly to DIYAudio in your presence.
Thanks for your bid

I am very happy to hold them for you till march if you make the payment to DIYA at the end of the auction ( i.e don't wait till you collect the caps). Assuming you are the highest bidder of course. I am also very happy for you to collect them in person, as you say it will save me the hassle of posting them.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.