MAS Ultra OB for first speaker build?

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Hi All,

I'm on the fence as to which direction to go for my budget/first speaker build. I was looking into something with a single full range driver like the Pensil 10p discussed in this thread, but I get the impression that they are not well suited to rock music, after reading more about open baffles, I'm leaning more towards the MAS Ultra as described here. I had hoped to stay under $250 total, but it looks like either of these projects will end up closer to $300.

It looks like the construction of these OBs is relatively straightforward, so maybe a better question would be would they work well in my room, or are they be better suited to a larger space? They would be in a single garage converted for use as an office - approximately 11' by 19'.

Current amplification is an old Denon receiver from a bookshelf/component system rated for 30wpc - though I can't say how honest that 30 watts is. In the near future, I'd like to build something like a Firstwatt F5.

I do have a powered sub, so I'm not too concerned if the mains don't produce much below 80-100hz... but from what I have read of these so far the sub should not be necessary.

Thank you for any advice!
Thanks for bringing my attention to the Mas Ultra, looks like a nice build.

If you have the room for an open baffle many people swear by them and those are well regarded drivers, especially the vifa.

You generally needs plenty of space around an OB design, you could look to some room treatment in this regard also.

I wouldn't totally write off a full ranger for rock music. Rolled off with a sub something like this might be worth investigating.

Wild Burro Audio Labs - Fullrange Speaker Projects - Basic Open Baffle Design

Lots of info here about the Betsy.

Just a few ideas, have fun :)

From what I have read so far, an OB would ideally be about 3 feet (~1 meter) from the side and back walls, but can make do with as little as 2 feet with appropriate room treatment. In my case, accounting for the width of the baffles themselves, that would put the speakers somewhere between 2 and 4 feet apart from each other.

As I understand it, the primary benefit of using an open baffle is that you eliminate reverberations/standing waves within the box itself. That's also the advantage claimed for a transmission line type box (ie, the Pensil 10p mentioned above) though... Can anyone comment on the sound differences between an OB type, versus a transmission line? Or is that asking fabout apples and oranges?

As far as full-range vs multiway, from a budget standpoint the tradeoff seems to be the cost of the crossover. If sticking with a single full-range, I'm able to spend a bit more on the drivers themselves since there are no crossover components to buy.
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