MartinLogan Ascent i xo upgrade


I managed to open up my loudpeakers, because the terminals were loose and needed tightening.

Initally my intention was to modify the bass control circuitry so that I could get about 1,0- 1,5dB attenuation below crossover point (currently 3db which leaves the upper bass way too light), but after seeing the whole deal, I just thought that maybe something else should to be modified as well.

I was quite shocked to find out that there was a 270uF electrolytic in paraller with the bass driver, obviously because poly-caps of this size would be very expensive indeed. I'm not sure why they need such a high value (maybe some resonance damping?), since I'm not familiar with esl-design at all. Other caps seem to be ok quality, allthough there is always better ones I guess. Ie. Jensen paper-oil, which won't fit there anyway unless I remove the xo from the cabinet - what a tempting idea. I should probably look for the better transformer too?

Anyway, I will not post the picture here (because it's quite large) but check it out here:

Any comments or suggestions how to modify very much appreciated! Thanks!

Best Regards,

Jani Pesonen