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Martin Audio BX2 for sale

Professional pa sub bass bin [Martin Audio BX2] made of 18mm baltic birch ply with metal bar handles at each end and speakon terminals.With hard wearing black polyurthane paint finish.
80 cm tall by 50 cm wide by 48cm deep. Bass reflex/bandpass hybrid design. Driver fixes from behind and small grille in front of cab showing part of cone.

£150 o.n.o [unloaded] or

with 18 inch RCF L18S800 driver rated 600w rms, 8 ohms, 4 inch vc,cast aluminium frame, 200 oz magnet.

For £300 o.n.o [loaded] When loaded its extremelly heavy around 75kg

Also got the original 18 inch RCF but dunno what model number rated 4 ohms which was in the cabinet. So you can have to loaded in the cab for £250 or buy it on its own for £130

Me in North West London and items are too heavy and expensive to post, COLLECT ONLY!!!!!


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