marshall valvestate 8100


2008-02-15 4:34 am
On the back of this amp, why is there 2 speaker jacks? Because usually you only use 1 of them on a full stack, like out from amp, into cab 1, out from that cab into cab 2.

next question...
i have 2 jacks on my cab, so can i put 2 speakers to one jack, into one on the amp, and put other 2 speakers to other jack, going into the other out line on the back on my amp?
OK, this may sound a wee bit "hi-tech", but.. ever tried looking for the MANUAL for your Marshall?

Take a quick peek on this link:

(and maybe even check out the mysterious terms used to perform the search...)

And after that, look into the second link, on page 6... It might shed some light regarding your first question.

As for your second inquiry, i guess you'd have to check / find out how the two separate pairs of speakers are wired (series or parallel).


2012-03-27 2:32 pm
I have the same question about this amp. The rear of the amp has 2 outputs, just says '4ohms 100watts'. My cabinet has 2 inputs on the rear and reads 8hms 300watts. Currently I just have one speaker cable connection the amp and cabinet, should I be using two speaker cables? Will I get more sound/volume?