Marshall TSL100 connectors


2010-01-17 11:12 am

Someone brought this amp to me and ask me to get it repaired. I hooked up everything and turned on the amp. The strange thing is every knob on the amp is totally off, even the switches but there is sound(music) coming out of the amp. If I fiddle with any pot or switch on the amp, there is totally no response, there is still sound at a constant level. I realise that someone has worked on the amp earlier and I guess that, he might have jumped the connectors wrongly. Usually when the power switch is turned on, there will be a "click" from the relay, but this non of the relays are engaging. I have downloaded 2 or 3 schematics from different websites, but none of them seem to show the jumper wires connection. Does any one knows how to get the actual schematic which shows all the connectors layout. Please assist.

TSL100 drawings are not hard to find. I will try to attach my files.


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  • Marshall TSL100-122 PA.pdf
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