Marking 20 Years of diyAudio

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the first post in our current forum.

In that time the forum has gone from very humble beginnings to the largest do-it-yourself audio community on the web. Just a few weeks ago we surpassed half a million registered members and 6,000,000 posts.

Thanks to our wonderful moderation team, and the incredibly friendly and generous membership, diyAudio has earned a reputation as one of the most friendly and rewarding audio communities on the net today.

There's no great fanfare for today's marking of time. We're busy working on what's coming next and it's going to be great.

The store has converted many lurkers into builders, but the popularity of the site, the store, and more recently the store's kit offerings combined has meant we've had to take a little time out to get things ready for the site's next era. In the coming months diyAudio will have a few more hands on deck to help things progress smoothly out of its teenage years. The result will be worth it, and once that happens we'll be be having a considerable celebration :)

Here's to the last 20 years, and to the next 20!

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