MarkAudio CHR-70 in Woden Lotus


2010-02-13 2:22 am
Hey guys,

Just finished up a pair of Lotus double mouth horns loaded with MA CHR-70 drivers. Initial impressions are very good. They still need many hours of break in, so I’m holding judgement for now.

Mainly posting this because I know I had trouble finding good phots of these towers complete (with size references) when I was first considering this build. They are my second build. My main stereo pair(s) are B&W N805s and Zaph ZRT Revelators (first build).

And it’s downright spooky how a pair of ~$40 drivers in large well designed horns can run with “higher end” multiway speakers.

Anyway, just some click bait for you guys I guess. Carry on.