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Markaudio Alpair 5 Gen2 Pensil Plans

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Several months ago I built at least 5 different enclosure designs for the A5.2, including the Giraffes. Having been a big fan of Scott's Pensils and the like for years, I'd be remiss in not saying that if your floor space will allow, the FH lite is well worth a look as well.

I've build quite a few examples of every model in the FH family, and while none are as simple a build as an MLTL for the same driver, I do think they outperform them several ways.

Whichever design you choose, some suggestions:
- it should be considered mandatory to both countersink all of Mark's thick bezeled drivers - but not the new CHS70/Pluvia 7, or the lower priced and less refined CHN70 - , and to chamfer the rear side of driver cutout as deeply as material will allow.
- a decent grade plywood "Baltic birch" etc is worth every extra dollar / Euro spent
- the drivers will take quite a few hours to fully break- in, so assessment of damping fill levels should be made after the 200+ hr point. Yes, that does mean some temporary arrangement to seal one side ( or in the case of MLTLs, the backs) during this interim
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The cute little design of Scott's that Dave posted above is well worth a look. They are a much simpler build than the curved sided FHs, with a very compact footprint that makes for very easy placement - mind you they can be a bit tippy, so an extended base plate, outriggers, or a stone tile plinth for ballast would be a wise plan.
Sorry Scottmoose, couldn't resist..........:D

While the Alpair-Driver is beginning with break-in phase yesterday, i'm using the SB Acoustics SB65WBAC25-4.

For that size of speaker impressive Bass down to the mid 50th and overall a comfortable listening experience.

i'm tempted to build a second giraffe for that driver.:)


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In my eyes, it's a Giraffe. A cabinet design is just a description of dimensions, how deep, width and so on, with a specific driver in mind, that was given a name. If you put 'a wrong' driver in it, it's still the same cabinet. How do you call a FrugelHorn Lite with the Alpair 5 Gen2 in it?
won't disagree that a cabinet with a driver different from that for which the designer may have optimized / least compromised it will still be the same enclosure, and the performance may well be acceptable; but - and maybe I'm out of line unofficially "speaking on Scott's behalf", or simply being overly nit-picky - when a drawing states "for Alpair 5.2" or whatever, referring to that design by the same name when using a different driver delivering different performance results could misrepresent the original designer's intention.

yah, I know, sometimes I just get wound up over the silliest details. - mea culpa
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