Mark Levinson ML2

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Awhile ago I downloaded the schematics for the Mark Levinson ML2 amplifier ( and found them very unimpressive. However I've been bored the last week and I redrew them, and they are actually something I would like to build. I've drawn it all out with some PCB layout and it looks like fun.

I was considering building "monoblocks" with two ML2s in each, engineered to be bridged effectively, so, 50W 8 ohms,
100W 4 ohms, etc.. Any problems with this?

Heat dissipation is not a problem, as the original ML2 used wimpy sinking, and my capabilties are for much bigger..


Aaron Finley
Mark Levinson there's a name you don't hear every day of the week. Not any more, anyway. My recollection is that the power supply on those was sufficient (and the bias, etc.) to where they were able to keep doubling on down to virtually zip as far as loads go.
Go for it. Let me know how it turns out, sonically, when you get done.

1.2 kva?

1.2 kva? Arc-welding??

When I finally got my act together to build a Son of Zen i used two 2 KVA toroids.. so 4 KVA total.. it is quite quite heavy, the chassis is 19" W, 12" H, and 30" D.. 150 lbs i would say.. and only 50w/ch.. oh well. Seems at this level the inefficency is a killer.
Where is the "what tha f***" icon?
I like Nelson Pass, and I think the SOZ has got to be the biggest prank ever pulled in the audio world.
One could extrapolate that amplification in its purest form is simply a large industrial space heater.
Let's call it "the wire with heat".

I tend to agree with grataku the SOZ isn't real practical. At least not for me. I mean 4KVA total is insane for 50 Watts. And I am from western Canada where winters get cold.
Pass has some great ideas and has helped the diy community alot but I don't have enough metal in my car to sink the heat it puts out. Still I respect those who have built SOZ they have more guts than me. (I would surely burn my house down)
I hear ya

My friends all think I'm nuts too. Even though the designs I have been building aren't so extreme as SOZ. They still think I am a cookie short of a box. Guess they don't understand the fun and the satisfaction of DIY. Thus the need for a forum like this!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.