Mark Levinson ML-2 AIRPAX power switch

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I would deeply appreciate any information on how to obtain a
replacement AIRPAX power switch for my Mark Levinson ML-2
power amps.
The switch is mechanically sound but the contact points at the
rear are worn and thereby switching it on and off is intermitent
and problematic.
Harman and Airpax have been courteous but unable to provide
me with the information that I require namely what exactly does
the switch do in the ML-2 and what would be an appropriate
substitute for the AIRPAX assuming a replacement cannot be found.
Yours Sincerely


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Hello Dewald Visser and Orthoefer.

Thank for your replies, repairing the original switch by having new
contact studs soldered on or even replacing them with similar lead out pins from AIRPAX is something I have thought of but was
talked out of by friends that are engineers, they were worried that
the original 'rating' of the switch would be changed' the advice given
was that this should be approached with reticence and caution.

Orthoefer I am most impressed by your ability to identify the part
and supply a vendor for it - It cannot be that simple.
How were you able to identify it and what it does, there are various
AIRPAX switches that look identical to it but my inability to work out
the actual part no - there is no part no on the actual switch - and
what functions it serves in the ML-2 have severely limited my options in obtaining help.

As for opening my wallet, the US $100 that is being asked for is the
bargain of the millenium compared to the US $500-600 that Madrigal
or Harman were asking for 3-4 years ago - that's real US dollars not
the current Banana Replubic value of the US dollar.
The amusing thing is after a very long period where I wouldn"t
even contemplate the thought of giving Madrigal/Harman that amount of money for a simple switch when I finally decided to
'cough' up the money if I wanted the amps operational the wrong
AIRPAX switch was sent to me on two separate occasions.

Yes, the amps have been collecting dust for about 4 years after
a quite serious repair bill.

Yours Sincerely
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