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Seeking your assistance pls. I reside in South Africa and my Mark Levinson AMP on my Lexus LS 460 - 2007 model has blown. The Audio repair company appointed by Lexus cannot work on the Mark Levinson because they do not have the 'jigs' to test the equipment because Lexus is not a high volume brand in South Africa and the cost of the ' jig' is too high. My question is: From your experience what usually goes wrong with this amp ? Can I trust a Car Audio Repair shop to look into the AMP ? Is there a diagnostic procedure to follow ? Is a Mark Levinson AMP so much different from another Car AMP such as Pioneer, etc ?
Thank you for your assistance - Regards - Louis
Thank you for your replies,
I have looked at the Lexus Forum (USA & UK) and there is mentions of these units and places that repair them in both countries. My concern is the cost to ship in and out of SA + will it be working 100% as they do not have the car to test it. My Lexus dealer has ascertained there is nothing wrong with the speakers and speakers wiring in my car. They took an AMP from another vehicle, placed it in my car and all worked well. They took my AMP and placed into the other car and nothing worked.
I do not think I abused the Audio System (I am a retired 65 years old man and play music at reasonable levels (not like when I was in my 20's !!!).
I would like to have the AMP opened here first before I either send it out of the country or consider buying a replacement.
The radio stopped working one day around 12h00 and the only sound out of the speakers is: Click, Click, Click... - See Attached picture.
The numbers on the outside are: Model: M1 86280-0W480 - Additional numbers on a small yellow sticker: 82394S A 2 / 1087 0211
If I can get your technical advise as to what a local technician must look for first, I would be most thankfull. Rgds, Louis


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It could be as simple as a defective amplifier IC in the amp and if it was an aftermarket amp, that would be an easy fix. For many of the OEM amps, they use components that have had their original part numbers obscured, the ICs defaced or may even use custom ICs.

Removing the covers and clamps would be the first step.

Be aware that if you break any tamper evident seals, Lexus authorized repair centers may have no mercy on you as far as repair cost is concerned.

Have you tried buying one from a wrecking yard?
Thank you for the advice Perry. I will continue to look for someone here who is willing to take a look at the unit.
yes I have considered a 2nd hand used unit. There is some available in wrecking yards in the USA and on eBay. I am trying to find one here before looking in the USA.
Once again thank you for your assistance,
Rgds, Louis
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