Mark Levinson 26 questions


2012-12-07 8:17 am
Hi, on this moment I'am recaping my ML-26 pre. Lots of the original caps i've founded in the US. But I have a few which I can't find. Can anyone tell me where to get them or which caps are the best to replace with.
I am looking for;

Roederstein red 25V 100uF EK series 2x
Roederstein small black ones can't see any typ 63V 22uF 4x
Roederstein small black ones can't see any typ 40V 100uF 2x

In my pls-226 I already found the four brown friends new but there is also one capacitor used from 35V 2200uF on this moment there is a Rubycon in but I'am sure that this is not the original one. Can anybody tell me what's the brand from the original.

I definately won't loose the sonic quality of this pre :)

Last question if anyone has the schematics from the 26 and willing to share :shhh:

Thanks all