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For Sale Mark Audio 12P drivers (3 ea.)

Things you have for sale.
I have three Mark Audio 12P drivers for sale. I suddenly had an offer to use different drivers in my cabinets and decided that I should sell these. $250 + shipping takes all. They are about 2 years old and not driven hard. I put damping foam on the back of two of them and it doesn't come off easily, so I will leave that decision to you.
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I will look for more photos, but this gives you the idea of the perfect condition that these are in. FWIW, I did adhere foam on the backs of two of the drivers which can be removed but will take the paper sticker along with it if it is removed. Anyway, I guarantee these drivers are in the best shape and never abused.

In first photo that says 'actual color' you can see a 1/2" special acoustic foam pad stuck to the rear of the magnet. It can be peeled off easy enough if you want to do it. The reason is simple. It will reduce the effect of sound waves bouncing from the back of the speaker cabinet that then bounce off of the magnet structure. This is nothing new, but it is effective. One company offers a round specially shaped Sorbothane disc made just for driver magnets. I forget the name of the company though.
I have unpacked the drivers to get another photo that you can see better. This is simple. There is foam adhered to the back of the magnet as shown in this photo. It can be removed. The reason is as I stated before. It is intended to reduce sound wave bounce.


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I can ship these to I am guessing by the zip code, somewhere in ILL. I will make it easy. $30 will cover shipping, and if it is over that I will make up the cost, and if it is under, I will reimburse you. Can't lose. So for a total of $280 (maybe even less), you get 3 Mark Audio 12P drivers shipped to your door.

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