Marantz ribbon speakers


2002-02-06 9:16 pm
That could be Philips speakers. Marantz is part of Philips, and they had (have?) a ribbon tweeter and midrange.

the tweeter was the AD 21600/RT8
dim: 118mm x 134mm x 44mm (hwd if looking to the front)
rated impedance: 8 Ohm
voice coil resistance: 7 Ohm
resonance freq: N/A
magnetic flux density: 0.36T
mass: 770g
sensitivity: 92 dB/W/m
max noise power: 10W

they cross the 90dB line at 5kHz and again at a bit over 20kHz, rise to 92dB at7.5kHz and stay ther until 20kHz. -6dB at about 3.5kHz and 40kHz.

This from the 1990 databook. I have somewhere spec of the midrange, but that would need a rather serious digging...