MARANTZ PM700AV schematic/help

Hoping someone might be able to help out.
Inherited one of these units with a blown output... the unit has been previously repaired and looks like someone has swapped the original (?) STK4154 to the higher rated STK4164 ..
Wondering if anyone is aware how swap-able these units are with any other STK chips and if anyone can point me in the direction of a source of STK units?

Would like to get the amp back up and running rather than abandoning it to it's own devices in 'the shed'
All help appreciated

Thanks burnedfingers .. dropped them a line

really after a schematic now so that I can check voltages etc.. hate to get a replacement STK only to find that the fault was not a voltage fluctuation (they seem to kill STK modules very easily)

for the same reason i am hesitant to swap in the other STK module across to the 'bung' channel

Anyone know of a source or if any other marantz amp was similar enough to provide an idea??

Just in case these help anyone -- don't know if it was sold elsewhere as a different model designation


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Somewhat later than your request but posted anyway as I bought one of these from an ebay source that inherited it. Often, people ask the same question, but years later-so I hope this is of some use to others. I did buy a service manual for about £12 from Germany but it only as wiring diagrams, still - very useful.
It was a fairly challenging repair because the STK Modules are no longer available except by remanufactured sources and these particular 2 are rare because one is a 50w stereo amp and the other is a 30w for the rear/center speakers. I put to 64's in as I couldn't buy a 54 for a reasonable cost. The most channeling was that the amp had been kept in a damp house and was rusty inside. Worse- it had been dropped on its front and the volume-control (which is 50k 4-gang miniature, with a motor) took the force, breaking the pcb is was soldered to and ruining most of the 12 tracks.However, as this daughter-board plugs into the main pc, I was able to re-fibreglass the board itself and hard-wire the tracks.
Im hanging on for a remote contol to appear as the motorised volume control is a novelty! I can control some functions using a universal r/c but not the volume.
It is a very powerful amp. thats for sure.


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