Marantz PM66SE, 230v...rewire for 110v?

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Hi everyone- this is my first post here, I hope I don't screw up by putting it in the wrong section or something...

So I found a pretty nice Marantz PM66SE receiver for $10 at Goodwill. It appears to be the European model based on the plug and 230v AC power requirement. It didn't power on when I got it, but somebody had already opened the case and removed the fuse so I replaced it with a matching one. When I plugged it into my Philmore step-up converter, it powered on for a second or two (and my lights flickered faintly), then went off. Upon further inspection, both times I tried this the fuse in the converter itself had blown but NOT in the receiver.

Now, the converter has a plug for 220v- I don't think the fact that the receiver needs 230v should matter, right? I thought there was usually some tolerance with those figures.

The power board inside seems to have solder pads, jumpers, etc. labeled for each region (EU, JP, US). How hard would it be to reroute some wires so that this thing would accept standard 110/120v from a US plug? There are unused pins on the back of the transformer inside, maybe rearranging there? The service manual didn't seem to help me...

FYI, I'm an amateur with electronics hacking, mostly based on retro game consoles but pretty confident in my abilities to mod something like this! Thank you for any help.
Could you elaborate more? I should have mentioned that I have decent electronics knowledge in some areas but haven't messed around much with rewiring transformers, power supplies, maybe I'm just a stinkin' beginner with that sort of thing.

If I posted pics of the internals would that help? I'm not sure what you mean here exactly. Do I have to change any jumpers or connections like that, or just wire a power cord for a 120v source to the extra pins on the transformer?
If the suffix to the model number is 11B then it will work anywhere between 110V and 230V dependant on the voltage selector settings. If other than that there is only one primary winding on the mains transformer. See the manual.

I'd actually read that before and was afraid I was out of luck. It's actually the 15B model so it didn't have that selector for each region.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.