Marantz PM-82,A+B Loading


2008-03-27 11:25 am
This might sound stupid but Im not electrically savvy.

Speakers connected to A output are 150w @ 6ohm
Speakers connected to B output are 100-140w @ 4ohm

A friend says that this might cause problems with the Amp,
A Marantz pm-82. Will this be OK?
Can I connect them both to 1 output ?

Thank you for any help you can give.
Hi Timofred,
depending on your volume levels the amplifier can be overloaded and will switch off. If you run it on moderate levels for a long time it can overheat. Marantz specified the operation with 2 speaker pairs only if you use 8 ohm speakers.
As said before you can do it and it will work with your speakers to certain level. Watch out for the heat.

Good luck and have some fun.