Marantz PM 6010 OSE amp not working


2016-03-03 2:55 pm

New to the forum, my Marantz amp has stopped working, it was working fine, switched off as usual and now it will not work/light up. It is approx 15 years old.

I have done the usual fuse/plus check.

Any ideas or common faults known?

Thanks in advance Matthew


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Hi Matthew and welcome to diyAudio :)

Without seeing the circuit its all guesswork... have you had the top off and checked for internal fuses ?

If the mains switch (the on/off switch) is connected to the incoming supply (rather than the amplifier having a standby feature and perhaps a relay to perform on/off switching) then you should be able to read continuity across the live and neutral terminals of the wall plug when the amp is switched on (and not connected to the mains of course). The resistance should be low, perhaps as low as a few ohms. If there is no reading, or if its very high, then there could be a thermal fuse that has failed within the transformer.

Other checks would be to confirm that internal supply voltages are present across the main reservoir capacitors.

Totally dead though suggests a basic problem such as an open thermal fuse (or simply an internal fuse)