Marantz CD94 mk2 v Arcam 5+ for modding?

I wish to embark upon a modification expedition!

Both the CD94 mk2 and the Arcam Alpha 5+ have been written about in various threads by individuals who have seemingly rung out exceptional levels of performance from each. But whilst I have access to both, only can can go forward for a makeover!

Here in the UK, the Arcam is a firm favourite of the modification brigade, but I'm just wondering whether the physical stature of the Marantz may ultimately reap greater sonic rewards.

Whilst various approaches to improving both have been covered within these forums, I would be grateful to those who have experience with one or other, or preferably both, for their opinion on which to pursue.

Budget whilst not limitless, is sufficient to be fairly extensive in the work done, and I possess 2 double crowns so replacing the standard dacs wont be an issue.

Thanks to anyone who responds. At present, I'm not wanting to go along the separate transport/dac route.
Hi Pauldyworth

The transport in the marantz CD94 MKII appears to have a cult following and some would argue is far superior to that of the arcam.

The dual 1541A S1 dac arrangement may also offer advantages compared to the single 1541A in the arcam. There are some suggestions that dual 1541 dacs offer greater dynamics at the loss of a little midrange resolution, perhaps marantz cured this problem.

I trust you have read the article attached in post 4 of the thread entitled "Marantz CD12+DA12 vs CD94MKII??"

But on the other hand you may, like me, find it difficult to modify such a beautiful and classic player ;)

Hope this helps