Marantz cd94: belts for loading tray

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Can anyone tell me the belt sizes I need for the cd tray mechanism?

I believe this is the CDM1. There are 4 belts. Not sure of their precise descriptions. A copy of a service manual might help me.

The player has been in storage for a while and the belts are all slack and need to be replaced. But as they are now stretched I do not know the original sizes.

Or can anyone point me to a supplier who can supply the correct parts, preferably in the UK or France.

I have just obtained a CD94 with perished belts.

I have the list of sizes at home and will post them later today. sell all of the belts needed. The total cost is less than £2 but delivery is £6 so you may want to order some extra stuff.

Meantime I would be very grateful if someone could email me the service manual. I want to make some other changes to the output filters but it's quite difficult to follow the circuit traces


Belts are ( as far as I can measure)

Qty 2 of 38mm dia X 1.2mm Sq section CPC No AVBELT78
Qty 1 of 42mm dia X 1.75mm Sq section CPC No AVBELT82
Qty 1 of 52mm dia X 2mm Sq section CPC No AVBELT93

CPC also do 37, 41 & 51.5mm dia belts of same respective thicknesses. (CPC No AVBELT77, 81,91)May be a good idea to get these instead.

Now, who will send me the circuit diagram of the analog section of the CD94. The DAC circuit would be bonus but I dont really want the whole service manual.

Marantz CD-94 , Tray Problem solved

Hi !

Today i got one.

The Tray was very "lazy" - dont want come out !
So i opened and fixed them.

They are 2 Blank - Iron Guides. They was pretty sticky...
Not removed, cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol.
Then putting a very small amaout of Bicicle-Bearing Grease on.

Afterr several Ejects and Loads, it works fine.


( ps: no Problems with Rubber-Belts. )
Geoff said:

Thanks for that info on the belts. I will file it away for future reference, particularly as CPC is only a 20min drive away.

If your player is the original CD94 then I'm afraid I cannot help regarding the schematic. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a CD94Mk2 then send me an email.



I have a CD94MKII (1st owner) and having problems with the loading of the tray, well, it's more the closing of it. Could you help me with a schematic diagram of some sort. I would be very happy if you could send me a service manual of the CD94MKII.

It's a great player, would like to use it for many more years.

Thanks, Ton
You can buy the bands but they are not always very strong. Better to try to find a supplier of O Rings in a soft rubber (65 Durometer Hardness) as they are much better and last longer.

If you look at your drawer mechanism at the back is the motor that pulls the arm that clamps the CD. Its usually the band on the motor pulley that slips. I fixed this by putting a small O Ring with a 6mm OD and a 1mm cross section on the pulley and then put the new belt on.

Its also a good idea to replace all the belts when you do this and clean and grease the mechanism being careful not to get grease on the bands or the pulleys
Maybe but probably not.

It definitely worth a try. But expect it to fail.

The rubber the belt is made of usually deteriorates and no longer has the elasticity or grip on the pulleys.

I've cut belts down, as you suggest, abraded their surfaces, cleaned them in various cleaners, never had success.

On the last repair I did I moved the motors away from the pulley a bit, not much but it may helped. Just loosened the two screws, moved and held the motor and tightened them again.

I also fully dis-assembled all the parts in the tray mechanism and thoroughly cleaned it and used a smear of white grease on all load bearing faces. Also the same for the disc clamp lifter. Once done, it worked almost like new. I used new short belts from CPC and the one long original equipment tray drive belt from SEME or Charles Hyde.
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