Marantz cd80. Where to start? (pics)


2004-02-07 11:04 pm
Ok, so I just opened the box up and I'm wondering where to start. I want to bypass the digital filter and have the less stuff between the output and the DAC, possibly better op-amps... I'm thinking Burr Brown. Caps seem good, the machine hasn't seen much action and they're cerafines so there's nothing to dry up.
That great big motorized volume block next to the TDA1541 S1 NEEDS to go and I'm considering shielding for the DAC and control panel pcb.
The blue lights above the cd tray which died many a year ago are coming out too. I hate that kind of thing...
Any suggestions? Jean-Paul I'm looking at you :)


Why does the volume pot NEED to go. It wont cause much harm at all and probably only creates a small issue when being turned using the motor ie not very often.

Always start with the basics and get to less bang for the hastle mods later on, try ...

High quality PSU recap for a firm foundation. Nothing fancy just good quality industrial caps, nichicon,panasonics etc

Quality Opamps to suit your taste and I would start with the output opamps, Marantz likely carefully selected the IV opamps.

Signal caps to suit your taste

Regarding your silver wire note. If you do that you will have two issues, one much more serious than the other. 1. You'll probably kill the dac chip and 2. you'll have no filtering after the DAC which you might not like. Personnally im happy with a good cap to the output, but i generally like something to do I/V in between in order to produce music.

The part you have labelled opamp is nothing of the sort but might be something you consider bypassing, have a search for the part number, you might get one or two threads ;)

I think you have to do some more reading, thats a nice player and you need to be careful you dont break it honsten.